Huddersfield not getting carried away

Huddersfield coach Paul Anderson says the Giants won’t be resting on their laurels after beating Warrington and need another 12 victories like that one.

The Giants won just their second game of 2016 with a 11-0 result against the Wire on Friday night.

Anderson wants the Giants to build on this breakthrough.

“Just the win’s pleasing,” he said.

“The manner… just in regards to where we’re at, a win is important for us. The belief. The place is buzzing.

“There’s never been a head down or anything like that. What we can’t do is rest on our laurels because it’s just one win.

“We need another 12 like that to give ourselves a chance. We want to be in the top eight, not the middle eights.”

Huddersfield are still on the bottom of the Super League ladder.

Anderson was pleased with the way his team completed their sets and he praised the performance of halfback Danny Brough.

“We showed a hell of a lot of patience, a hell of a lot of composure,” he said.

“We completed 23 out of 24 sets in that first half. To compete you have to complete your sets.

“That’s exactly what we did. The conditions wouldn’t allow you to play expansive.

“Our kicking game was very good, Broughy did what he does. It was a great kicking game and he challenged them at times with his running game as well.”

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