Holland & Belgium launch joint rugby league competition

There will be a new cross-border rugby league competition in Europe this season, with clubs from Belgium and the Netherlands getting together to form a new league.

The four clubs involved are: Amsterdam Cobras Rugby League Club, Den Haag Knights Rugby League, Rotterdam Pitbulls RLFC and North Brussels Gorillas Rugby League.

Arrangements were confirmed at a meeting in Hoogerheide at the weekend.

The competition will be called the BNRL Championship (Begium-Nederland Rugby League Championship).

The keague’s finals will be held at the end of May.

“The purpose was that all participating clubs and their members have clarity of what is expected,” said Jason Bruygoms, development officer of the NRLB and competition organiser.

“There was a good vibe during and after the meeting and I am very excited about this great initiative.

“I firmly believe that such games are the way to build a healthy and steady future in both our nations and now it’s time to take a more professional approach.

“Because the clubs are logistically close to each other it makes sense that we support and help to grow the game together in this part of the world.”

The competition will kick off in Rotterdam on the 11th April, when the Rotterdam Pitbulls host the North Brussels Gorillas.

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