Hill: History isn’t weighing on us

Warrington skipper Chris Hill says his team isn’t feeling the weight of history as the Wolves aim to end their premiership drought.

Warrington last one a title in 1955, while Wigan last one in 2013 after defeats in the past two grand finals.

Hill told Love Rugby League the pressure to finally end that drought hasn’t been an issue for his side.

“You dont really here about it to be fair,” he said.

“I don’t think there will be anyone in Warrington bothered about it on Saturday, they’ll all be at Old Trafford in the terraces I presume.

“There’ll be a big following as they always do. It will be good to win it, not for the club but for the community as well, for the whole town.”

Hill said the pain of losing at Wembley earlier this year is driving his team on.

Warrington were up 10-0 late in the Challenge Cup final before Hull FC scored two tries to snatch victory/

“It was tough but you learn from those occasions as well,” Hill admitted.

“They’re not nice but you learrn as a player how to deal with those situations.

It makes you a better player and it made us a better team. We’ve reacted well to it.

“You could probably go the other way and it could have been the season over the last couple of weeks.

“For Hull its petered out a bit. No, we’ve picked ourselves up and its probably drives a few of us all.

“It’s probably still burning someone in the back and we don’t want to experience that feeling again.”

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