Hetherington “appalled” by club walk out

Leeds chief executive Gary Hetherington has hit out at the clubs who walked out of a meeting between Super League club officials and the RFL.

Six clubs – Catalan, Huddersfield, Hull, Hull KR, Warrington and Wigan – left a discussion over whether Super League should be reduced from 14 teams to 12, meaning no vote could be taken.

Earlier this month, an EGM scheduled to vote in a “whole game” solution as a result of the RFL’s Policy Review was postponed following a revolt by clubs.

Hetherington said: “I have been attending Super League meetings for 17 years and I have never seen anything like this before. It’s appalling that a small number of men can disrupt a proper process by putting a gun to the head of the sport, making selfish self interested demands.

“Every Rugby League fan should be concerned with what these people are doing. They, along with every Championship club, and the majority of Super League clubs are paralysed whilst these six men flex their muscles.”

The six clubs want to see a review of the competition’s commercial management and governance, alongside the change of format.

It had previously been announced that Super League would reduce to 12 from 2015, meaning two clubs would be relegated at the end of 2014.

However, with the 2014 season just over three months away, it is still unknown what clubs will need to do to ensure their place in Super League the following year.

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