Henjak: We’ve moved on

The Greg Inglis saga has not tainted Brisbane’s preparations for the upcoming NRL season, according to coach Ivan Henjak.

Inglis sensationally reneged on a contract offer from the Broncos, despite agreeing a two year deal to move to the club.

That has caused a scramble for the test centre’s signature by rival NRL clubs and French rugby union.

But Henjak says the episode has not detracted from their preparations.

“Every indication we got from Greg and his management was that he was going to sign the deal and that he was going to be here.” Henjak said.

“Obviously it didn’t happen, and we’re disappointed but we are happy with the squad we have got.

“We wish Greg all the best and we will move on.”

Henjak said the club had not based their future around Inglis, and still have a strong squad.

“I’m glad he has made a decision now as to where he wants to play rather than three or four months down the track after being unhappy at our organisation,” Henjak said.

“We planned our squad without him there a while ago, and we are happy with our squad and the direction we are moving in.”

Henjak said Inglis’ decision has not affected the mood of the players at Monday morning training.

“We’ve moved on already,” Henjak said.

“He hasn’t been here – that’s the key. He hasn’t trained with us, hasn’t played here so its a little bit like you don’t know what you’ve missed if you haven’t had it.”

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