Hemel Stags to be owned by Supporters Trust


Hemel Stags have announced that they are to be owned and run by a Supporters’ Trust.

In a similar set up to Rochdale Hornets and Hunslet Hawks the Stags will be giving the ownership and running of the professional club to their supporters. This move will make the Stags a truly community driven club but also one that strives for success at every level.

The club made the announcement on Sunday during a widely publicised day meant to give the community a taste of what the Stags will offer on match day next year in Championship 1.

The day was a huge success with a record crowd of 300 people even despite the poor weather.

Tom Williams, Community Manager at Hemel Stags said: “300 through the gates in rainy conditions is a fantastic achievement.

“We want more people down here and we will look to build on this and work harder in the community and build interest over the next nine months into Championship 1 next season.”

The decision to make the club a Supporters’ Trust was taken to ensure that the supporters and sponsors get an equal opportunity to influence the running of the club.

Williams said: “No one can own a majority stake in a cooperative which means that everyone has an equal say in how the club is run and who sits on the Board of Directors.

“We want to ensure that all our supporters have a voice but we also want to elect an able and talented Board of Directors who are passionate about taking the club forward.” 

The Stags will be looking to be able to elect a Board by the end of the summer.

Hemel Stags are currently asking for people to express an interest in becoming members of the Supporters’ Trust and are inviting them to attend an open meeting on June 25 at Pennine Way.

On the makeup of the membership Williams further said: “We not only want our local community to become members but also the wider Rugby League community and our old supporters and players.

“Becoming a member of the trust will help us to take off financially and to run a sustainable club that delivers not only for our sponsors but for our supporters and the community we live in.”

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Hemel Stags and the Supporters’ Trust please send an expression of interest to Tom Williams at tom.williams@hemelstags.com. 


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