Hemel have Super League ambition

Hemel Stags know there is plenty of work to do ahead of them joining Championship 1 next season, but they don’t want to stop there.

The Stags were founded in 1981, and have held an ambition to join the professional ranks for the past 20 years, finally getting their chance when they join the 10-man third tier for the 2013 season, alongside Northampton Demons, University of Gloucestershire All Golds and an as yet unconfirmed other.

This week they announced a sponsorship deal with Haven Holidays, and are expecting to sell around 100 season tickets for their debut season in the Championships.

Community Manager Tom Williams told Running Rugby: “There are plans locally that will make entry into Super League possible but we are a very long way off that yet and we want to concentrate on getting it right in Championship 1 before thinking much about moving up the leagues.

“The reality is that the club can only grow when we have enough money to finance it. We are not in the business of overreaching and the ethic at the club is very much one of save and spend with tight financial restrictions and fiscal responsibility.”

The club is owned by a supporters trust, and has produced players such as Kieran Dixon, Dan Sarginson and Will Lovell, who have all played for London Broncos in Super League this season.

They are determined to remain focused on developing local, young talent, and aim to recruit as much as possible from the surrounding areas.

Williams added: “We want to keep player recruitment as local as possible. I am not saying that the odd player from traditional areas won’t sneak in but we certainly won’t be shipping 25 players down from Yorkshire or Lancashire or even Australia. We have a proven ability to produce top quality rugby league players.”

Click here to read the full interview in Running Rugby.


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