Hellewell wants to batter his best mates with Broncos

London Broncos centre Ben Hellewell is relishing the chance to tangle with some old friends when his team play Festherstone Rovers on Friday.

The Scotland international played 18 games for Fev before moving to London in the close-season.

Some of the player’s biggest friends in rugby league play for Rovers, and Hellewell is keen to earn some bragging rights over them.

“I can’t wait to face some of my best mates who are in the Rovers side,” he told his club’s official website.

“I need to go there and show them what they lost. I enjoyed my time there but come Friday I know they’ll come out ready to take my head off.”

London, like all clubs, have a hectic Easter period ahead of them. Hellewell believes that coach Andrew Henderson‘s team are fit enough to cope with all the demands place on them, though.

“I’ve played in a similar kind of schedule to the Easter period but don’t think it’s as short of a turnaround as playing two games in three days but we’re a fit enough team to pull through,” he added.

“We’ve got enough potential to win both of the games too.

“Since Hendo (Andrew Henderson) has taken over he’s brought a togetherness to the squad, a bit more fun to training and just a different dynamic, training is much more competitive now.

“It’s an 80 minute game, and in my opinion we didn’t play for 80 minutes against Halifax but the last 20 minutes really showed our character and our fitness, and our will to win.

“It was a scramble, which in hindsight we don’t want that to happen but if push comes to shove we know we can hold on for the win.

“The Halifax game taught us what we need to do to get an 80 minute game together, we can’t be coming into games dipping our toe in, we need to jump straight in and bring our ‘A-game’ from the start rather than getting into a game and holding on for a win.”

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