Have your say: What would you do to shorten the season?

With the current rugby league season suspended, we want to know what you would do to shorten the season.

The rugby league season has been suspended indefinitely, following a meeting with the Rugby Football League and Super League clubs.

It is feared that we won’t see any action for months rather than weeks, which was initially expected.

The 2020 season across all competitions looks like it will have to be shortened, with Magic Weekend and Summer Bash unlikely to go ahead this year.

The Challenge Cup and 1895 Cups could also be dropped so the league competitions can be prioritised ahead of preparations for 2021 getting underway.

Another option could be to scrap loop fixtures and play-off matches, which would instantly cut the season short by a couple of months.

And international tests are up in the air. The NRL are set to delay their competition by at least a few months and if their plans are to go ahead then it looks like Australia’s tour of England this autumn will not be happening.

There are a number of ways of how the rugby league season could be shortened, and we want to know what you would do if you was in charge.

What would you do to shorten the season? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. Cut magic weekend
    Cut summer bash
    Cut play offs
    No loop fixtures
    Fri night games to be played one side of pennines only.eg all yorks games or all lancs games

  2. I think:

    Move magic weekend and have that on the first game week back.

    Summer Bash I’m unsure about.

    Scrap The Loop Fixtures.

    Scrap Grand Final & Play Offs.
    Champion is whoever finshed first.

    No relegation from Super League. 2 teams promoted from Championship for 14 team Super League.

    Keep Challenge Cup. Scrap 1895 Cup.

  3. I think:

    Move Magic weekend to the first game week back.

    Summer Bash I’m unsure about.

    Scrap The Loop Fixtures.

    Scrap the Grand Final and the Play Offs. Super League winner is whoever finshes first.

    2 teams promoted/relegated from the Championship. 2 promoted from League 1.

    Keep the Challenge Cup.

    Scrap 1895 Cup.

  4. Scrap the loop fixtures and the play offs and make it a straight competition for top of the table. retain the current relegation and promotion arrangements. Keep the challenge cup – it generates great interest for both fans and players and would maintain interest for some teams who may not be in the race for the league leaders.

  5. all matches are shown on sky behind closed doors, for now, and fans that would normally be there still pay for your ticket to support your club.

  6. Bin the loop fixtures and a straight top 4, semi and final

    The challenge cup must stay its the biggest game of the year, highest tv rating, media focus and fans favourite

  7. When the crisis ends, this season’s league fixtures should be completed, even if it means we are still playing a year from now. Promotion, relegation, etc should take place as usual. It is NEXT SEASON’s fixtures which should be altered/reduced in order to fit into what then remains of 2021. By doing things this way, nobody will be unfairly penalised or rewarded. Everyone will know where they stand now and next season. No games played up to this time will have been meaningless.

  8. People talk utter rubbish the challenge cup is rugby leauge, Its like saying scrap the fa cup in football, Stop letting the money men sky dictate scrap the double fixtures and magic weekenders and the play off rounds, Take it back to how it was in the 80’s with the old style play- offs, Also take into acount the players how long a season is for them and how many games they have to play just fir the fat cats SKY !

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