Have your say: What next for the Summer Bash?

We want to know if you think there is a future for the Summer Bash and if so, whether it should stay in Blackpool or not.

There were seven entertaining Championship matches staged at Bloomfield Road in Blackpool at the weekend.

And the weekend started with the first ever Women’s Super League game to be played at the Bash as Bradford Bulls beat Featherstone Rovers 46-22.

According to the Rugby Football League website, 11,805 were in attendance at Bloomfield Road in total over the two days.

On the 2018 Summer Bash, RFL interim chief executive Ralph Rimmer said: “The 2018 Summer Bash once again showed how entertaining and captivating the Betfred Championship is.

“We saw some fantastic rugby league over the weekend and it was brilliant that history was made with the first ever Women’s Super League game at the Summer Bash.

“All the games on show at Bloomfield Road this weekend are sure to get fans excited about the upcoming Super 8s, the Qualifiers and Championship Shield which are certain to provide further entertainment to the 2018 season.”

However, there has been talk on social media over the weekend whether the Summer Bash should remain a concept next year due to it only attracting 11,805 spectators.

And it has been discussed whether or not the annual event should be moved away from Blackpool or not.

It has been at Bloomfield Road for four years now and some have said that it should be moved to try and boost attendance figures.

We want to know what you think.

Is there a future for the summer bash? If so, should it remain at Blackpool or be moved away? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. The attendances to a summer bash will definitely be lower if they move it from Blackpool. In my opinion they should keep it how it is and with Bradford due to come up it’s only gonna increase attendances. As a leigh fan the summer bash is the one you look forward to and with it being at Blackpool it makes you enjoy the full day/weekend and not just the game. I do think the rfl should’ve been more smarter on when teams played as I feel that fev vs fax should’ve headlined the Sunday. Overall it should stay for mine as us fans really look forward to it and Should never be moved from Blackpool.

  2. Put it on in conjunction with the magic weekend. Alternate matches throughout the weekend, i.e. Super league game then Championship game then Super league game and so on.
    It evidently can’t support itself on it’s own and “needs it’s big brother”. Rugby league is a family so let’s behave like one and support each other.

  3. Let’s get some League 1 games in there. We at Workington as well as Bradford and unfortunately Whitehaven have proven we can bring a crowd to Blackpool and a hell of a game. Spread it out!

  4. It’s time to change venue, London, is one thought, Leyton Orient near Olympic Stadium,plenty of hotels, will help promote in Capital.
    Stadium would be full.

  5. Leave it along, Blackpool a ideal place pretty central to everyone. Great weekend, plenty of pubs, plenty off stuff for kids to do.
    Always a warm weekend to.
    Rfl got the fixtures badly wrong this year.
    Sunday’s crowd would of attracted more if Fev and Halifax was the headline game.
    Next years fixtures should be if Bradford and york come up is as follows :
    Sat Sheff v Barrow Bradford V York Leigh v Toronto
    Sun Lon v Tou Dews v Bat Fev v Hal

  6. As a friend pointed out the problems with trains didn’t help.

    Also how do you get fans to stay in ground ?? We stayed and watched all the games. But most fans are only interested in their game.

    If it moves will need to be somewhere with as many hotels and not overpriced like Newcastle. We also need some sort of fan zone

  7. Get rid of both the Magic Week End and Summer Bash and have a Nines Tournament with both Super League and Championship Teams over a week end. This could work like “ Sevens Rugby” and have bowl and plate finals for teams failing to get through early rounds.
    Put some decent prize money up from a sponsor and get the Hearns to promote it.

  8. I agree with the comment that Blackpool is a great venue and the RFl should look to keep it there . Like someone said should look at utilising the more appealing fixtures at more convenient times and days . Really enjoyed it last year with HKR and would definitely attend again if we was in the Championship ???

  9. Better fixtures with the best supported teams on seperate days not all on one and nobody at the second day. But the concept is brill the atmosphere is so much better than any I have experienced at magic. Should continue always.

  10. Like the Magic. The fixture list planning was poor and clubs with a big following from last year e.g. Bradford Bulls and Hull KR were not present this year. Also, bring back the League One Cup, it was a huge success because at least one League One match was played! A WSL could also be played on the Sunday as a curtain raiser to the day.

  11. Even as a Saints supporter I’ve attended all four of these weekends and love them, and there is really no other option than Blackpool. It has the infrastructure (even if the trains are changed EVERY year!), hotels, entertainment and a ground that is neither too big nor too large. The issue this year was that the RFL were left between a rock and a hard place with the available, sadly not well-supported, teams, and surely it is up to those clubs to attract more supporters to their own grounds in the first place and then Blackpool after that rather than simply blaming the RFL? It doesn’t help that supporters pay for all day and then only watch their team’s game, but that gives an insight into the insularity and bias that many rugby league fans have for their team (NB ALL the referees have good games EVERY year and no referee cost any team their game). The attendance next year won’t be an issue if, for example, Bradford, Widnes and Hull KR are there along with Leigh- so keep it at Blackpool!!!
    PS TWO years running the “programme” hasn’t included squad details for any team- sort THAT out though RFL!!

  12. The promotion of the Summer Bash was woeful. I don’t know who is responsible but they were simply not good enough. If you are not a traditional RL fan the chances of picking up on the Bash were extremely remote. Marketing is a major weakness & has been for a long time. Sometimes it seems like we have the Ra Ra mob in charge.

  13. “Neither too big nor too large”. And I proof read that twice as well! Basically Blackpool is the spot-on size and location.

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