Have your say: Should War of the Roses return?

There has been talk on social media whether the War of the Roses should make a return and we want to know what you think.

The Origin Series, commonly known as War of the Roses, was an inter-county rugby league clash between Lancashire and Yorkshire.

The first ever game was played in 1895 and was held nearly every year until 1991.

In 1985, an annual contest between Lancashire and Yorkshire was proposed as a replacement for the County Championship. The first game was played in 1985 but it only lasted six years before it was scrapped due to lack of interest.

The clash was revived in 2001 under the name ‘Origin Series’, inspired by Australia’s State of Origin between New South Wales and Queensland, of course.

It was ceased in 2003 though as the RFL thought it would put too much strain on the players and has not been played since.

Lancashire won the title 35 times while Yorkshire lifted the trophy on 34 occasions, so there were some brilliant battles over the years.

There have also been suggestions that Cumbrian and Southern teams should also be created and the two could be a curtain-raiser between the main clash.

Some even think the War of the Roses should return and replace Magic Weekend.

It would depend on whether there would be an appetite for a War of the Roses clash again and whether the players would want to take part in it.

You would also have to take into account when the games would take place. Would they take place in the middle of the season, before or at the end?

Anyway, let us know in the comments below if you think the War of the Roses clash should return.

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  1. Absolutely should return. Get rid of all this nonesense and hype about Toronto, New Jersey and France (Wales & London have failed) and sort out the heartland first.

  2. ABSOLUTELY. But it would mean the RFL sticking with something instead of chopping and changing every year. Look at The slow start SOO got in Australia and now look. It should be brought back, pushed and advertised aggressively and given a chance to bed in. With Cumbria and lately Southern county players we could have a much broader Origin contest than NSW v QLD

  3. Yes without a doubt, but it should be made into a big showcase like the state of origin and not just done half hearted

  4. Yes seems like a good idea Lancashire vs Yorkshire Origin Match. Curtain Raiser could be London & South Vs Cumbria & North East Origin. Have Bye Week for Super league that week & also set up Wales vs France, Scotland vs Ireland test matches.

  5. Completely in support of this idea as it not only draws in RL circles but can draw from a wider circle with the link to history. The problem with all RL events is advertising and venue. I have only just found out about this, I’m from the south too. RL needs to advertise events much better nationally and not just the heartlands but also move venues further south to draw in supporters from the other part of the country to expand viewership. I love RL with a passion but it always frustrates me when it doesn’t sell itself properly. The RL product/game is fine and doesn’t need changing, but it’s promotions/events and advertising does need to change if it wants to compete with RU and football.

  6. I went to an origin game in 2001 and it was great. Passion, aggression and a showcase for the best of super league. Far better for England than a mid season international with France or an under strength NZ team. Bring it back.

  7. I loved this as a thing back in the day something to take pride it for were u are from, obviously fitting it in is the main issue my thoughts are either fit it in on a weekend as game 1 then the week after have a regular fixture then week after game 2 then regular fixture then week after game 3 so youll find then the season will end at the end of October rather than at the start, my other thought would be to just play it midweek with maybe a 2 week break in between the games, if done properly with proper promoting this would be brilliant for the game maybe at a football stadium too so one year lancs have 2 grounds yorks have 1 then year after swap, be good for the players play at some different grounds obviously not massive grounds, bolton, preston, burnley, blackpool or blackburn then yorks have grounds like leeds, bradford, Sheffield so for me if done prouits a no brainer

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