Have your say: Should the golden point rule be brought into Super League?

The golden point rule is in operation in the National Rugby League and we want to know whether you would like it to be introduced to Super League.

Golden point has provided many great spectacles in the NRL over the years, but Super League has never had it.

Rugby league fans in the UK are split over the idea. Some fans don’t see the need for it and think teams would be happy to take a point from a draw.

Other spectators think the golden point rule should be saved for knockout games and finals, believing a draw is sometimes the right result.

Player welfare also comes into question.

Would the golden point rule being going against player welfare if you expect teams like St Helens and Wigan Warriors to play for longer on Good Friday and then expect them to back it up on Easter Monday? It’s certainly a point to think about.

However, many other supporters want to see the golden point rule brought into fruition because it makes the game more exciting and a greater spectacle to watch.

In a recent BBC Radio Manchester Sport at Six podcast, St Helens assistant coach Sean Long would like to see the rule brought into Super League, while Salford director of rugby Ian Blease believes it is unfair on a team who worked hard for the full 80 minutes and is against the idea.

Could rugby league take a tip from hockey? What about if both teams got a point for a draw after 80 minutes and then play golden point to decide who gets the second point? We’d like to know your thoughts.

What do you think? Would you like to see the golden point rule brought into Super League? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Good idea for golden point

      Better idea is to penalise players who are cheating at play the ball to get a penalty. Creeping into game and it’s spoiling it. Wigan worst culprits and in my opinion they are coached to do it. Yellow would work for diving.

  1. If a team earns a draw over the 80 minutes then it deserves a draw. Having said that the ice hockey system mentioned above does have some merit.

  2. I don’t think over here it would work there’d be way to many injuries our season lasts longer for a start and imagine the games over Easter all going an extra 20 mins a piece it would take the standard of the game to rock bottom.

  3. if there is to be a golden point system introduced it should be played for the first try not a drop goal and certainly not a penelty

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