Have your say: Should Super League be a 14-team league?

There has been a lot of debate and discussion on league structure recently and we want to know what you think on the possibility of a 14-team Super League.

Another day, another debate about rugby league structures and changes!

Some people would like to see 14 teams in Super League as they think there are a number of teams in the Championship who are more than capable of joining Super League and competing in the highest division.

Others say they would like 14 teams and just play each other twice, with the top four playing-off against each other at the end of the season for a spot in the Grand Final at Old Trafford.

A person got in touch with us on social media and stated that teams play each other too many times in a season with the current structure and would like to see 14 teams in the league, with Magic Weekend being scrapped and a structure like football’s Premier League.

But on the flip side…

People think that there actually wouldn’t be enough elite quality players for a 14-team Super League due to the lack of a reserves system and academies.

Others think the grassroots game should be prioritised rather than Super League, stating that ‘players are not going to be produced if we don’t support the grassroots game’.

One of our twitter followers suggested keeping the league at 12 teams, with each team playing each other twice and wants to make room for the international game, with more mid-season and end-of-season internationals taking place.

We want to know what you think…

Should Super League be a 14-team league? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  

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