Hard work made Wigan crack, claims Roby

James Roby believes that St Helens‘ hard work in the second half of their Super League game against Wigan forced the Warriors to crack.

With a high completion rate, and a fearsome attitude in defence, Saints turned round a half-time scoreline of 10-8 in Wigan’s favour, to win 30-14.

“We came out in the second half, and we were very good to be honest,” said Roby.

“In terms of completion, we completed our sets very high, probably the best we’ve done for quite some time.

“That obviously helped us on the front foot. In big games like that, there’s not much in it, and you’ve got to take your opportunities when you can.

“Luckily enough, we put ourselves in those positions, to take advantage of a couple of mistakes, and it added to a great night for us.

“It was hard work that we put in, and we got our rewards from that.”

While Roby admitted that Wigan’s mistakes helped the Saints to victory, he was keen to assert just how much work had gone into the team performance.

“There were a couple of mistakes that we took advantage of,” he acknowledged.

“But we’ve put in the hard work to get in that position in the first place.

“We did complete well, and we kicked well on the night, and just constantly tried to put Wigan under pressure.

“When you’re putting teams constantly under pressure, it’s inevitable that some little cracks are going to show.

“The attitude was there from our lads, and any kind of loose ball on the night – we were the first people to it.

“That was the attitude we needed in such a game, and we took full advantage of it.”

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