Hall calls for cooling of code war

Leeds winger Ryan Hall believes that the ‘code war’ between rugby league and rugby union should be consigned to the past.

While he acknowledges the history of the codes makes such an accommodation repulsive to some people, he also thinks the time has come to live and let live.

“If you only go back through the history of everything, then a lot of the time, rugby league and rugby union shouldn’t be able to operate alongside each other, because of the history and the bad blood,” he told Love Rugby League.

“But, come on! We’re both professional outfits, and we’re both wanting to play rugby, whatever kind of rugby it is.

“Obviously, they think theirs is the best, and we think ours is the best, there’s no wrong or right, it’s just what people prefer.

“With people crossing codes – people have different motives. Sometimes money, because it is better paid in rugby union at the moment.

“There’s lots of different sides to the argument. People want to achieve things, people have different motives, and that’s personal.

“If someone wants to leave and do what they want to do in their career, you can’t hold them ransom.”

One incident which sparked something of a renewal of hostilities between league and union was Denny Solomona’s controversial move from Castleford to union side Sale.

Hall felt that the move was handled badly, and such code swaps do not need to generate such resentment in this day and age.

“I don’t necessarily want to speak about Denny directly, but I’m going to have to,” Hall added.

“He probably went about it the wrong way, or his representatives did. He must have got some advice and gone about it the wrong way.

“That’s just one example, but there have been other examples where it’s been done properly.

“Chev Walker left to go to Bath from Leeds. Lee Smith went. All those transfers have always been droperly, with both sides happy with the way things went.

“As long as it’s handled well – that’s the main thing to come out of the saga.”


  1. Ryan Hall needs to speak to some who have sadly suffered appallingly at the hands of the Union authorities. This was more than just about rugby. League people were treated as second class citizens, denied human rights, outlawed, banned from union premises …. the list goes on and on and on. It wasn’t even about professionalism because amateur league players were treated just as badly as the pros even though they never received a penny for playing!! Indeed they would not even allow greats such as David Watkins back into RU clubs to watch a match or socialise. I only wish that someone from league in the past would have taken their issues to the highest courts in the land, Europe. Union should NEVER have been allowed to get away with it. Until the Union authorities issue a full and proper PUBLIC apology for their past sins against league I for one will never forget. Or forgive.

    • That’s your loss then Neil.

      To tar those in the present with the sins of the past is frankly backward and stupid. It’s the sort of behaviour I expect of religion, not rugby.

      • If you believe it’s all in the past ask Sol Mokdad about it and that fool of a troll who regularly appears and attacks RL and comments on here, look at the comments from ru fans on the BBC rugby League pages.

        There are plenty more examples unless you don’t want to see them.

        The forgive and forget argument would be a very positive and productive one if there wasn’t huge evidence that the fat lady is barely in rehearsals for her solo.

      • Your attitude is honorable David , but it still goes on around the world.
        RL is ilegal in Quatar. The Italians are trying wipe RL out by saying they have a charter saying they are the govening body of all rugby. Then there is Soĺomona. This should be a straight forward case for the courts , but dont count on it.

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