Halifax announce rebrand as Panthers

Halifax will now be known was Halifax Panthers following a club rebrand.

The Championship club have changed their logo which features a panther as part of the club’s rebrand.

Fax believe they can now appeal to a younger audience of supporters and be part of a growing brand.

Halifax were known as Blue Sox in the early days of the Super League era before changing to Halifax RLFC.

Halifax aren’t the first club to rebrand in 2020, with Super League clubs Wigan, Salford and Huddersfield also aiming to appeal to a wider audience.

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    • We at Halifax need to move on with the times, my youngest two weeks 12 and 10 absolutely excited about Halifax rebranding as Panthers.

      Although some fans don’t like it…. We need to move forward #upthefaxpanthers

  1. If I had never seen a game of Rugby League, tell me why I should go and watch a game.
    Thatโ€™s the challenge the game faces but never ever seems to want to fully tackle.

    • No one can ever tell you to go and watch a game, make that decision yourself,but the game is not just about the events on the field when I went to my first game as a 10 year old in 1976 it was,that day out with my father, 10 years later my father and my best mates saw a team lift the championship. A year later we won what with out doubt was one of the best Challenge Cup Finals in the history of my era… the days are in the past but the memories are forever there. Support your local team they deserve to be supported. I have lived in Australia for 17 years but never forget those days, take your children, take your friends, take your parents. Rugby League itโ€™s not just a game. It has survived in Halifax but its survival is dependant on those who go to the game, get your voices heard and wait for the good days to come back, because they will…

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