Hadley banned but no charge for Watts

Wakefield’s Dean Hadley will not face his parent club Hull this Thursday due to a one-match suspension.

He was unlikely to take to the field anyway, given the agreement between the two clubs, but the RFL have confirmed that he will be able to serve the one-match ban handed down to him for dangerous contact in the defeat to St Helens last week.

Hadley, 25, has taken an Early Guilty Plea to ensure he is available for what is likely to be a crucial match for Trinity against Wigan in the final weekend of the Super 8s.

Meanwhile, Hull forward Liam Watts is free to play despite his controversial red card against Wigan last week.

Watts was sent off in the 22nd minute of their defeat to Wigan after striking Warriors hooker Michael McIlorum with a forearm, a decision that sparked plenty of debate on social media.

The RFL disciplinary report says “sending off sufficient”.

The full reason for no further action states: “Player carrying ball in and begins to change direction and brace for impact from defender who is approaching player at speed from the inside. Elbow and forearm of player are not promoted. Contact made between head of opponent and front of arm of opponent.”


  1. too right WAtts should not have been even penalised the whole problem was caused my Mcilorum mis timing his tackle,just another example of who you play for If it had been the other way round Watts would have been sent off for head butt

  2. If you believe that decisions are made on the basis of team, explain how one team does not win every game! If you believe that the decision you refer to is because it is Hull FC v. Wigan, explain the challenge cup result, especially the Tony Clubb no-try. The officials made a decision based on the evidence as they saw it. It may well be the wrong decision but it is certainly not based on the shirt of the player.

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