Greenwood to step down as All Golds coach

Lee Greenwood will step down as Gloucestershire All Golds coach at the end of the season.

The former Super League winger has been in charge since the start of 2015 and has refused to use the controversial dual-registration system, instead focusing on promoting local players.

He said: “After three seasons in charge, I feel the time is right to move on and look for other coaching opportunities. 

“For the club to move forward again, I believe they need a coach based in the area. For me, I hope I can be given the chance at a club closer to home.

“I will look back at my time in charge of the All Golds fondly and with immense pride. I made no secret of the way I felt the club should be run and I am happy that I stayed strong to those values throughout. 

“To remain relatively competitive on the field without the use of dual-registration and not moving our training base to the north of England is a fantastic achievement. 

“Obviously these decisions made things very difficult recruitment wise, but in the long run they should bear fruit.”

All Golds General Manager, Patrick Evans, added: “On behalf of the club I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lee for taking us forward as much as he has. 

“What he has achieved is testament to his character and his determination to ensure we do things the right way and not conceding to the Dual Registration route or moving our training base up north, has allowed our southern based players to develop significantly.

“The club will also look back fondly on his time in charge and will ensure the values he has instilled are carried on. Everyone at the club is of the belief that the next step forward will be to appoint a coach who is southern based, allowing our focus on player development to flourish even further.

“I would like to wish Lee the best of Luck for the future and look forward to hopefully finishing the season on a high.”

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