Great Britain’s Exit: The Final Say


The Great Britain coach

"Five Grand Finals on the bounce is too hard but the players can walk out with their pride fully intact. I believe this team is not far away, but our administrators need to give us a bit of help in how we prepare."

"It is certainly not an issue of talent or of belief, we just want a fair crack from the administrators. It's now my job and the job of the administrators at the RFL to try to get us parity in relation to the tournament; even if we have to rest a few people then we would have had a better chance.

"If we had had an element of parity we would have a better chance. We just want a level playing field so our players can have the best crack of the whip."
 – Brian Noble

The Australia coach

"It was a lot different to what we've had over the last three games. We have been on the receiving end of the penalty counts and we haven't had good completion rates. But tonight I think we completed eight out of eight in our first phase of the game and it helped us settle into the match."
 – Ricky Stuart

The Great Britain captain

"It's never tough to get up for a game when you've been beaten the week before. That's the good thing about touring – playing football – but I'm just disappointed with the result.

"After we beat them last time Australia came out and showed us how to play rugby early on. You can't give any team that kind of start, especially Australia, but I don't think the scoreline reflects the game.

"I'd swap all the personal accolades to be in that final. I wanted to be there next week but I'm not."
 – Jamie Peacock

The Broadsheet

“A dreadful start and a dispiriting finish did for Great Britain’s ambitions on a night when Australia exacted sweet revenge for the 23-12 defeat they suffered in Sydney two weeks before. The world champions, who will meet New Zealand in the final, scored twice inside the opening six minutes and added two more in the closing four minutes to complete a crushing victory.”
 – Ed Hughes, The Times

The Tabloid

“Great Britain coach Brian Noble begged for the Tri-Nations tournament to be restructured after his Lions bowed out of this year’s tournament.

“For the second successive year they were asked to play four Tests of unrelenting intensity back to back — five if they had reached the final in which Australia will now meet the holders, New Zealand, in Sydney on Saturday.”
 – Richard Bott, Daily Mail

The Fans

“Horne had a shocker which is understandable for not playing for like a month. I would have gone with the Burrow – McGuire partnership personally. Gleeson shouldn't even play for GB. Well done to Roby, Morley & Peacock who have been fantastic all through the Tri Nations, and I thought Hock played very well today.

“GB were outclassed in every department particularly in defence which was clearly shown with the incredible last try by Australia. GB could've won but too many mistakes cost them.”
 – Sts_Fan_From_Leeds,

“Our second rowers were great, along with Peacock and Morely and Roby was the best hooker on the park.

“We just lacked a good kicking game, and speed out wide. Why Yeaman was dropped is a mystery. Horne was dog meat and Gleeson not to much better.”
 – A Reliable Source,

Australia are just far too good for them. Enough said.”
 – Frizz E,