Graham throws his support behind Hasler

Canterbury captain James Graham says he is 100% behind Des Halser as the right coach to lead the Bulldogs next year.

Hasler was almost relieved from his position recently after ructions at board level.

Graham admits he was stunned that Hasler was nearly removed.

“I am absolutely, one hundred per cent behind Des,” he said.

“I was kind of taken aback when it was all happening, I was just leaving Sydney to come back. I was a little bit shocked.

“But myself and the playing group, we want Des in charge. I don’t know what all the facts are, but all of the players want him there.”

The Bulldogs 2016 season petered out in the NRL finals after they were knocked out by Penrith.

Graham said Canterbury’s players are under no illusions about the hight expectations at the club.

“We are disappointed in how the season finished,” he said.

“It’s safe to say the season was a little bit up and down and there’s factors for that, there’s reasons or excuses that people want to make.

“We’re all disappointed but we’re determined to turn it around. There’s no one else other than Des that you’d want to turn it around.

“He’s so determined and this playing group is so determined to get things right. You have to see it to believe it how hard he works.”

Board member Steve Mortimer attacked Halser and has since resigned from the club’s board.

“Steve is very passionate and he wants to see us do better,” Graham said.

“He loves the Bulldogs, we all do, and we all want us to do better. He said some things … but he cares.

“You want people at the club who care and Des cares just as much as anyone else.”

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