Graham looks to get better

Canterbury captain James Graham says he wants to improve in 2016 and better channel hs passion on the field.

Graham was involved in an incident last season in a comtroversial game with South Sydney where he exploded at a referee.

“The way that the captains are, you’re the whole voice of the organisation,” he told Fox Sports.

“You’ve got to try and get your point across and I think it was plain for everyone to see there were times we didn’t do the greatest job in the world of doing that.

“Looking back I probably need to be a little bit smarter, there were a couple of incidents there that were not my finest hour.

“I have to learn from that but I still want to play with passion.

“This game, this sport and the club mean everything to me, so if I start playing like I don’t care then that will be the time for them to strip me of my captaincy or tell me to move on.

“I think it’s important to see players in any sport care about their club and about their profession.”

Graham managed 18 games during the 2015 season due to suspensions and injury. The prop has set his sights on improving as a player and as leader at the Bulldogs.

“[Being captain] was very different,” Graham admitted.

“I did enjoy doing it and having that responsibility and trying to lift my teammates in times of need and it’s something that I’m really proud and honoured to do.”

“I guess as boring as it sounds, my goal is to keep trying to improve.

“To learn from the mistakes of yesteryear and steer the boys in the right direction and to be the best player and the best captain that I could possibly be.”

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