Gower in trouble again

Penrith player Craig Gower has found himself making news, once again for all the wrong reasons. The latest incident is a nightclub altercation which is being investigated.

 The alleged incident occurred early Sunday morning at the Peppermint Lounge nightclub in Sydney’s Kings Cross. Gower was alleged to have been involved in an incident whereby he bit a patron as well as tackling him. The issue was assumed to have been solved, however a formal complaint has been made which means the police are now involved.

 The Penrith Panthers club has stood by Gower since the allegations were made and are adamant that the former captain has no case to answer. Officials were able to witness CCTV vision from the nightclub and believe the footage show that Gower was not the instigator in any incident.

 Penrith coach Matthew Elliot, who was able to see the footage described the complaints as a ‘witch hunt’ and said he was 100 per cent behind his player.

"It's a non-matter," Elliott said. "I'm really disappointed – that's my description of it.

"He's been harassed outside his own home with his wife. It's just ridiculous. It's become a witch hunt."

"How do you think his wife feels? How do you think his family feels? He's not upset for himself. Anyone who knows Craig knows how much his family means to him. He's upset they have been hurt by him."

The Panthers were expected to hand the captaincy back to Gower for the upcoming season, after he was stripped of the position in 2006 for his much-publicised inappropriate behaviour at a charity golf event.

Gower considered walking away from the club last season after he was stripped of the captaincy. This latest incident might cause him to rethink his career in the NRL, particularly if it takes a long time to solve. Further findings regarding the incident should be available within the next two days.

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