Government funding will not be “gravy train” for clubs, insists Ralph Rimmer

RFL chief executive Ralph Rimmer insists the government’s £16million emergency loan to the sport will not be a “gravy train” for clubs.

Rugby league has become the first sport to receive financial support from the government during the coronavirus crisis.

The money will be sent to the clubs most in need  and other factors, such as external investment and the use of the furloughing scheme, to be taken into account.

Rimmer said: “This is absolutely no gravy train.

“There are conditions and responsibilities attached to this money. We will use it wisely and we will use it to steer ourselves into a better place. That management and stewardship falls upon our shoulders.

“It won’t be equitable, it will be in relation to the intervention required for safe passage. The clubs will have to apply, they understand there will be a good degree of due diligence in any money that flows from us into the club. It won’t be a straight line.

“Some clubs have an ability to access other funds. Many of the club have benefited from the interventions that have already been put out front the government. We have been in regular contact with them all to contact exactly what those advantages are.”

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