Goodwin drops Raiders action

Former Canberra fullback Bronx Goodwin has dropped his case for industrial action against the club.

The 24-year-old who now plays for Cronulla had been seeking to challenge his sacking by the Raiders at the end of 2008 after he was convicted of assault.

“I am pleased the matter is resolved,” Goodwin said. “I accept that players have to take responsibility for their own actions. I am now focused on rebuilding my career in the NRL.”

Canberra Chief Executive Don Furner said the club had demonstrated “high standards” in dealing with the issue of player behaviour.

“I think we have demonstrated today that our club has high standards and expectations in regards to off field behaviour,” he said.

“We take our responsibilities to the community and our sponsors seriously and we haven’t backtracked from our strong stance on what we think is acceptable behaviour by our players.”
NRL CEO David Gallop said that it was significant that the Raiders were happy  with the outcome and that it and other clubs will continue to set and enforce behavioural standards under the NRL rules.
“The club had performed its obligations under the contract and should be supported for sending a clear message in this area.
“Legal actions are expensive for all parties but the fact is that our rules are clear and they are able to withstand challenge.
“The best possible message is for everyone to ensure they do the right thing and help contribute a positive image for the game.”

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