Golden point to stay

The NRL today announced that the golden point rule will remain unchanged for the 2007 season.

The current rule requires the two teams to play 10 minutes of extra-time, with the result being decided when either team is first to score. If scores remain level after this period the result is deemed to be a draw.

The NRL faced some heavy competition with regards to this rule, with many clubs pushing for a ‘golden try’ system to be introduced, whereby the winning team would be required to score the first try in the extra-time period. Some critics claimed that extra-time games turned into field-goal shoot-outs, going away from what makes Rugby League so exciting.

“There’s an element of ‘if it isn’t broken don’t fix it’,” NRL Chief Executive, Mr David Gallop, said.

“There were also some real concerns about the consistency between matches during the year and semi finals that would need to be played until a result was reached.

“Finally there was a fundamental concern that moving away from the current concept would mean that you could win a game one way in the 79th minute (through a field goal) but have to win it another in the 81st minute (through a try).

“A lot of people point to the Tri Nations Final as a reason for change but in fact that finish occurred under the existing rule.

“We’ve implemented a large number of changes on the back of the feedback from coaches, players, referees and CEO’s but will leave the Golden Point in place.”

In other important news for the NRL, Sunday afternoon semi-finals are set to return for the 2007 season. 2006 saw Friday night games being played instead of the traditional Sunday afternoon and was not well received by supporters.

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