Gidley moves on from Wembley heartbreak

Kurt Gidley says a broken cheekbone will not prevent him from trying to help Warrington claim the League Leader’s Shield.

Gildey picked up the injury in the Challenge Cup loss to Hull FC at Wembley.

The Australian is set to play against Wigan tonight, where a victory will secure the Shield.

“The eye is fine, it all healed up pretty well,” Gidley said.

“It was nothing too major, a small fracture to the cheekbone but not enough to rule me out for more than a week.

“There’s no more damage (that can be done) unless you cop the same blunt force to the same area. I broke my cheekbone earlier in the year and only missed a week.

“Those sort of things are more mental than physical once the doctor gives you the all-clear. I’ve had plenty of injuries in the past and I think muscle tears are probably the hardest ones to move on from.”

Gildey said he is not dwelling on the disappointment at Wembley last month.

“I’ve done plenty of things that have been memorable in a good way and things in my career that haven’t been so memorable,” he said.

“If I was living in the past my whole career, I wouldn’t be where I am.

“It is what it is unfortunately, you can’t change what happened in the Challenge Cup, I’ve moved on and I’m looking forward to this weekend and the league leaders opportunity.

“I’ve never won a minor premiership and I’ve never played in a Grand Final before so that opportunity is a great one too.

“We’ve got a great opportunity to finish as league leaders a week early and not worry about the following week.

“It’s all there for us to achieve something we wanted to achieve this year. The ball is in our court.”

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