Giants fined for breach of concussion rules

The RFL have confirmed that Huddersfield Giants have been fined £1000 for a breach of the governing body’s Operational Rules regarding the management of concussion.

A statement on the RFL website outlines the reasons for the charge.

It reads:

“Huddersfield were deemed to be guilty of breaching Operational Rule A1.2 and C2.3 and E3.1.6 of the RFL Medical Standards which states; ‘All players with diagnosed concussion OR players who have any of the signs or symptoms set out below OR players whom Medical staff suspect may have concussion MUST BE REMOVED from the field of play. Assessments must not be carried out on the field of play. Medical Practitioners, physiotherapists, trainers and coaches are all responsible for ensuring that players are removed from the field of play.’

“This matter relates to the 58th minute of a First Utility Super League match between Huddersfield Giants and Castleford Tigers when Giants player Luke Robinson showed signs of concussion but was not removed from the field of play for concussion assessment as mandated by the RFL Medical Standards.

“The RFL Laws Committee introduced a new rule regarding concussion for the 2015 season. This rule confirmed that: ‘Teams are allowed an extra ‘free’ interchange in the event of a player suffering an injury that requires a pitch side concussion assessment. The change is designed to safeguard players against the unseen dangers of concussion by removing any sub-conscious pressure on medical staff to not be over-cautious in removing a player from the field for an assessment.'”

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