Brief HistoryThe Georgian National Rugby League Federation was formed in 2004, and was joined by Rugby Union clubs Locomotivi RC and Hooligana RC and a newly founded team, Raindebi. But, in September 2005, the GNRLFC were told that the Georgian Rugby 13 organisation were now recognised by the RLEF as the observers of the code in Georgia. Recent Matches & ProgressInternational Game RecordsAlthough the Georgian RL haven't played a game, they aim to send a team to the 2008 World Cup.France 60- 0 Georgia (30 October 2005)
Russia 48-14 Georgia (23 October 2005)
Georgia 34-14 Netherlands (29 April 2005)
Georgia 44-12 Serbia (24 July 2005)
Georgia 46-19 Russia (4 February 2006) Future DevelopmentIt is hoped that increased television coverage will raise the profile of the game, and a deal has been struck with the NRL for free television coverage. The RLEF has also strongly supported Georgia, giving the hope that RL will be a success in Georgia.Club TeamsContact InformationFour Tbilisi based clubs competed in the first club championship in mid 2005. And it is hoped more teams will emerge over the next year from other regions.  (unofficial)

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