George Williams will not make NRL move for few years at least  

Photo courtesy of Richard Long

George Williams will remain at Wigan for at least two more years ahead of a potential move to the NRL.

The 23-year-old was linked with a move to NRL side Newcastle Knights earlier this season but the rumours were silenced by the Warriors and the club itself.

Williams admitted that playing in the NRL has always been a childhood of his, but will be at Wigan for the next two seasons at least.

He told “It’s something I want to do at some point but I’ve got another few years in the Super League and I’m committed to that.

“I’m only 23 so hopefully I have a long career ahead of me and when the time is right I’ll look into a move.

“But for now, I’m enjoying rugby league here in England and the success Wigan is having.”

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