George Burgess hit with two match ban

South Sydney’s George Burgess has been hit with a two match ban and $10,000 fine after admitting damaging property in Cairns.

Burgess, 21, was this week charged by Queensland Police with two counts of wilful damage after allegedly throwing a street sign through a car window in the early hours of Monday morning.

As well as a fine and suspension, the Rabbitohs have also ordered Burgess to pay for the damage, undergo an anger management program and undertake an increased community workload.

“George accepts he’s done the wrong thing and that there has to be a price,” said Rabbitohs chief executive Shane Richardson.

“For someone on his contract level it is a big price to pay and he still has to deal with the issue in court.

“We will support him because he has faced up to what he has done and because this isn’t reflective of his general behaviour at the club.

“Everyone is going to have to get the message though that the world is changing, that the NRL is going to stay strong on these issues, and that the clubs will support that stance without exception.”

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