Gelling chucked the kitchen sink at Parker’s penalty kick

Wigan centre Anthony Gelling has admitted that he didn’t really know what he was doing when he charged down Corey Parker‘s extra-time penalty kick on Friday night.

The Warriors conceded a penalty in front of the posts, allowing Parker to seal a golden point victory for Brisbane in the World Club Series clash at the DW Stadium.

But his first attempt at taking the kick saw Gelling rush at him and charge the kick down, receiving a yellow card, before Parker was allowed to retake the kick.

“I just thought I’d chuck the kitchen sink at it in one last-gasp effort,” Gelling told reporters after the game.

“It was that feeling, you know it’s going to happen but you don’t really want it to.

“I was thinking, ‘Should I shake the posts and do something?’

“I was going to grab a ball and throw one at him!

“I just had to have a crack. I’ve never seen it before or never done it before.

“I don’t really know what the penalty was for. The ref said it was a strip but he still had the ball in his hands.

“And when Joe scored I thought we’d go on. I’m gutted we came so close but if we keep that up in Super League games we’ve got something to work with.”

Gelling’s coach Shaun Wane, meanwhile, felt that Gelling’s actions were inspired by his will to win.

“He does the weirdest things in training. He just wants to win badly,” said Wane.

“If there’s one person going to do something stupid like that, it would be him.”

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