Gatcliffe: Salary cap levels playing field

Warrington Wolves chief executive Andy Gatcliffe has praised the Super League salary cap for having “levelled the playing field”.

On Saturday Warrington lifted the Carnegie Challenge Cup, their first major trophy since 1974.

Gatcliffe believes that the salary cap has helped the Wolves and other clubs challenge the dominance of rugby league by a few big clubs.

“We all want to be in the top four,” said Gatcliffe. “I think it’s great.

“The effects of the salary cap have levelled the playing field and there are lots of surprise results.

“By getting to Wembley, Huddersfield and ourselves have shown what can be done. There’s hope for everybody.”

Huddersfield, along with their cup final appearance, have been near the top of Super League for most of the season, as have Hull Kingston Rovers.

Gatcliffe also believes that Warrington can maintain their success in the future.

“This has been a dream for a number of years now,” he said. “Warrington fans have been so loyal through thick and thin.

“Tony [Smith] has come in and done a remarkable turn-around job. This is the start of something big for Warrington Wolves.

“We’ve been committed in recent years to strengthening the squad, year after year, and it is no surprise that we will look to do the same for next season.”

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