Gallen promises Queensland a battle

New South Wales skipper Paul Gallen has asserted that his side will be taking no backwards steps when they face Queensland in Origin II on Wednesday in Melbourne.

Some NSW people were unhappy that Queensland appeared to be ‘playing dirty’ in their win in Origin I.

Gallen has promised them a reaction if they adopt a similar approach on Wednesday.

“We are not out there to fight, we are not out there to play dirty, we are out there to play hard and tough but we won’t be taking a backward step,” said Gallen.

“If those tactics start to sneak into the game I’m sure our boys will adapt to that.

“We have been used to their grubby tactics for years now. In game one I suppose the boys were a bit naive to think that some of the so-called angels of the game don’t get up to any of it.

“I’m sure that none of the boys will take a backward step this time; they know what is coming and I’m sure Queensland do as well.

“I’m not interested in fighting – I’m really not – but if the pressure is on in front of 90,000 people, I couldn’t say no (to throwing) one.”

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