Gale relishes comments from Hull crowds

Castleford half back Luke Gale is not a player who is easily intimidated by crowd noise, it would seem.

With the start of the Super League season drawing ever nearer, Gale is looking forward to hearing the wit of crowds aimed in his direction again.

He is a player who enjoys the crowd comments, especially when he’s playing in Hull, at either KR or FC.

With the Tigers set to open their 2016 Super League campaign at Hull KR, Gale is expecting the East Yorkshire wit to resurface once again.

“I used to get asked the question a lot about what it was like playing at Castleford,” he told Love Rugby League.

“When I played there for Braford, the Cas fans would give me some stick!

Hull KR is pretty similar. I kind of enjoy it!

“Although you’re getting shouted at, and getting all kinds of abuse hurled at you, I kind of enjoy it.

“You kind of turn it against them and build momentum with it.

“So I quite enjoy, as I did when I played for Bradford and I was getting abuse off the Castleford fans.”

While many players insist that they completely ignore remarks from the spectators, Gale acknowledges that he prefers to hear comments, especially if they are funny.

“Oh yeah, I can hear everything!” he admitted.

“I kick goals, so when it’s quiet you get called some some things that I can’t repeat!

“It was at Hull FC, I heard something and I just had to laugh to myself.

“I can’t repeat what they said, but it’s usually something to do with my hair or something.”

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