Future US Test in doubt due to pay delay to NZRL and RFL

The future of the of the mid-season Test in the United States is in doubt, with the NZRL and RFL still waiting on payment from the event promoter.

New Zealand’s players are expected to see the $5,000 match fee in their bank accounts this week after New Zealand Rugby League paid the cash, according to NRL.com.

But this comes at a cost, with the NZRL now having to carry $100,00 debt because promoter Moore Sports haven’t paid up the agreed fee by the deadline which was July 31.

The NZRL and Rugby Football League signed a three-year agreement with Moore Sports International to play a mid-season Test match until 2020, but there was going to be a review of the agreement after the first year if there was a breach of contract, hence why the future Tests are now in doubt.

NZRL chief executive Greg Peters told NRL.com: “There’s a three-year agreement afoot subject to review.

“Commercially there are some challenges we want to work through with the promoter. We obviously want to be paid as soon as possible and we’re working with Moore Sports for that to be achieved.

“The players have been paid and the two matters are not linked. The only hold-up in that was the US tax system and waiting on advice to get clarity around a correct position.”

It is believed that NZRL has received part of the agreed payment but is still waiting for the majority of it to come through.

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