Franchise Merits

The teams outside the Super League that can't get in after 2009 will all desperately be trying to get in to Super League before that date. This could increase entertainment in the matches, as well as better quality coming through. But this would probably be overseas players instead of raising British talent.

Take Doncaster Lakers for example. They are desperately attempting to get into the top flight before they are stuck in the National Leagues. They have made several moves – they have got a new stadium (Super League standard), gone full time and signed new players. This is all to get into the Super League.

If many other teams did this then I think the quality of rugby played in the National Leagues would increase, meaning bigger crowds and overall a better competition. But for many teams it would end in disappointment.

I think the team that finishes bottom place in the franchise should be considered. And the National League winners could come up if the RFL feel that they would add more service and competition than the bottom side.

Personally, I don't think the franchise system will work but if the RFL are determined to introduce the system I feel something like this should be introduced.

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