Four players handed suspensions after first round of double-header weekend

Aidan Sezer Super League double-header

Four Super League players have been suspended after the first round of the double-header weekend. 

Hull KR’s squad continues to be decimated with two of their players handed suspensions.

Jez Litten’s season is over having received a two-match suspension for a Grade C dangerous throw following their 18-6 defeat to Wakefield.

Meanwhile, utility Jimmy Keinhorst will miss the club’s fixture against Wigan on Monday with a Grade B trip charge.

Hull’s Brad Fash will also miss the rest of the season with a Grade B dangerous contact. He has been suspended for two matches following their 28-18 defeat to Salford at the AJ Bell Stadium

Leeds Rhinos half-back Aidan Sezer will miss their trip to Catalans with a Grade B high tackle charge. He copped a one-match suspension for his high tackle on Theo Fages, deemed ‘reckless’.

Both Lee Gaskell (Wakefield) and Lambert Belmas (Toulouse) were charged with other contrary behaviour, but did not receive a ban. Ligi Sao was also cautioned. 

Leeds’ Richie Myler was included in the match review panel minutes with allegations of other contrary behaviour. The description read ‘player throws his legs upwards seemingly to release the grip of the opponent’. However, he escaped a suspension.

Double-header disciplinary charges

  • Jez Litten (Hull KR) – Grade C Dangerous Throw – 2 Match Penalty Notice
  • Jimmy Keinhorst (Hull KR) – Grade B Trips – 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Lee Gaskell (Wakefield Trinity) – Grade A Other Contrary Behaviour – 0 Match Penalty Notice
  • Lambert Belmas (Toulouse Olympique) – Grade A Other Contrary Behaviour – 0 Match Penalty Notice
  • Brad Fash (Hull FC) – Grade B Dangerous Contact – 2 Match Penalty Notice
  • Aidan Sezer (Leeds Rhinos) – Grade B High Tackle – 1 Match Penalty Notice

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  1. All for safety but get rid of existing panel. Too much complacency that should be renewed annually. These idiots are ruining the sport.

  2. How in all the nine circles of hell is this system fair? I can’t comment on the others as I haven’t seen them, but Keinhorst, and by inclusion, HKR have been punished twice for his offence.the damn referee sent him to the bin. That should have been the end of it. But no. Some jumped up little gob***** deems it his job to punish him again. Why not get rid of referees altogether? Then all we need is this bunch of nomarks handing out judgements from on high.
    What’s worse is that it’s us, the fans who ultimately pay these eejits for doing the dirty on our teams.
    Some tho, seem to get away with it week in and week out.
    What’s the point of carrying on?

    • Totally agree the so called smaller teams get hammered whilst the bigger teams get away with it. How Tomkins gets away with that shoulder charge is just beyond belief. Salford fan.

  3. Yet another system put in place to assist manufacturing the results.
    Fair play/sportsmanship doesn’t exist anymore. The destruction of rugby league continues.

  4. Sounds like double jeopardy to me. Once sin binned on the field an then punished again by some bods sat in a room somewhere looking at it again. My suggestion as to sin bins is to record each one and after 5 a one match ban. Then the coaches and fans are aware of what is going on.2 more Hull KR players suspended only 48 hours from the match on Monday.Danny McGuire already having trouble putting a side together and this certainly doesn’t help him.

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