Former PNGRFL official slams Meninga’s ‘slap in the face’

Former Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League chairman John Numapo has reacted angrily the news of Mal Meninga’s appointment as Australian national team coach.

Meninga was contracted to coach the Kumuls right through to the 2017 Rugby League World Cup, which will feature matches played in PNG.

Numapo reflects much feeling about Meninga’s actions in PNG, and he did not mince his words when referring to Meninga.

“To add further insult, Meninga did not have the courtesy to inform the PNGRFL about his intention to accept the appointment as the Kangaroos coach when he attended the board meeting last week in Port Moresby,” Numapo said, according to PNG paper The National.

“This is disgraceful for someone who is highly respected by league fans throughout PNG.

“The PNGRFL has been treated with contempt. Is that how Mal wants to reciprocate the goodwill of the people of PNG?”

Meninga has been rumoured to have been on a Aus$500,000 a year contract to coach the Kumuls, who endured a miserable 2013 World Cup under his coaching.

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