Fonua compares Radford to Craig Bellamy

Hull FC recruit Mahe Fonua thinks that his new club has some similarities with his former club Melbourne Storm.

The threequarter has been impressed by the professionalism of the Airlie Birds’ set-up, and thinks that new coach Lee Radford is a similar character to Storm coach Craig Bellamy.

“The culture at Hull FC does remind me of the culture that has been built at the Storm under Craig,” the Tongan international told the Hull Daily Mail.

Lee Radford has a bit of that Bellamy factor about him where he is trying to push that honesty and wellness from his players.

“After a long hard day’s training the easiest thing to do would be to drive into McDonalds and get a burger, but the logical and long-term thinking thing to do is to pick up your chicken and your veggies.

“At the end of the day it’s your job and you’re trying to be as professional as you can.

“You might not see the benefit next week, but that persistency will pay off in the end.”

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