Five Things: Rugby League and Gambling Go Hand in Hand

Most things in life involve some type of gambling. Getting in a car or on a bus or train is a gamble. Walking across a street is a gamble. Ordering food at a restaurant is a gamble. While most risk-taking is calculated and offers very positive odds, every move one makes includes some type of implied risk.

There are some fundamental similarities between gambling and sports, specifically rugby league.


The most common reason given for rugby league players choosing to compete in such a tough game is for the excitement. The thrill of physically being on the field and at the centre of the action is unmatched. Even the practicing and working out to prepare for the games involves enough excitement to make the actual games that much sweeter.

Even rugby league fans feel the excitement, whether watching their favourite players in person or on television or internet. The announcers and players take the enthusiasm of the fans to a new level.

Gamblers feel the same sense of excitement, whether betting on sports or playing a slot game. With money on the line, the thrill of a win is made even greater with a financial reward at the end.

So Many Ways to Win

Rugby league players can score points for their team in a variety of ways, and they can block the opposing team from scoring points. It gives more depth to the game and increases the level at which players participate and fans watch.

Online gambling sites also give players many choices, with a multitude of slot games, table games, video slots, and bingo games. Each game even offers different ways to win, keeping the players’ interest high and their participation higher. Some sites even reward players for their losses or let them accumulate points through regular play to exchange for cash or prizes.


Latest numbers show that there are more than 600,000 rugby league players and more than 5,000 clubs in more than 70 nations worldwide, making it one of the strongest and most popular sports in the world. Crowds at international games often draw crowds upwards of 70,000 people per game, and domestic games do even better with around 100,000 fans at each game. Consider that each game also brings hundreds of thousands of people to the television or internet for live coverage, recaps, and updates, and its popularity is clear.

In similar numbers, players from around the world log on daily to play any number of games. Some choose online poker, others choose bingo, but nearly all of them take a chance with online slots. With significant winnings available for a limited time commitment, and something that can be done on mobile devices at anyone’s convenience, gambling is at everyone’s fingertips. And the popularity of these games continues to grow, too.


Luck Versus Skill

The predominant factor at play in rugby league games is skill. Players practice and train, exercise and stay healthy, all to put everything into play in the games. Of course, there are still bits of luck that creep into any situation, meaning that everything from the weather to crowd control to player injuries is sometimes left to luck.

Gambling is mostly luck, on the other hand, but there is some skill involved in every game, even slots. It takes a skilled player to know how to best manage bonus offers, get the most play for every dollar deposited, and keep from going broke. Some games, like poker and blackjack, have more skill involved based on strategy and odds, but gambling is a mostly a mixture of luck and skill.


Ways to Minimize Harm

Rugby league players take special care to minimize physical harm that can be incurred in any practice or game. There is special clothing to wear, shoes, padding, and other gear that protects the body from some of the physical danger.

Gamblers can also minimize harm by knowing their financial and emotional limits when gambling. And for those who have trouble knowing when to quit, there are organizations and even apps now that help players recognize potential problems or exclude themselves from gambling for awhile.

Neither rugby league nor gambling is for everyone, but both sure have a lot of reasons to appeal to millions of people around the world.

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