First Utility gives NRL players a chance to adapt

From the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour Bridge and beautiful Brisbane skyline, to the banks of the River Aire, Carr Mill Dam and the floodlit DW Stadium, this weekend’s World Club Series is set to take three NRL sides firmly out of their comfort zone.

First Utility, official title sponsor of the Super League, has given each squad member in the NRL sides an item that everybody inevitablty forgets, an Australia-to-UK power adapter. 

But the biggest test for the Australian sides is whether they can adapt to the huge change in weather conditions between Down Under and England

The Sydney Roosters, Brisbance Broncos and North Queensland Cowboys will be changing warm weather for wet, and windy nights in the North of England, and Amanda Cumine of Firsty Utility says that the Super League will welcome them with open arms. 

“Being the title sponsor of the First Utility Super League, we felt it was our duty to help welcome the stars of the NRL to the UK,” she said.

“They’ve got enough to adapt to already, so our welcome gift is our way of making sure they’re ready to go when they come up against Saints, Wigan and the Rhinos this weekend!”

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