Finn wary of Wigan’s local pride

Wakefield half back Liam Finn admires the way that Wigan have brought local talent through into their first team.

But that does not mean he will be admiring them on the pitch, when Trinity travel across the Pennines to face the Warriors in Super League on Friday evening.

Wakefield lost at home to St Helens last time out, whereas Wigan won 26-6 on the road at Catalans.

“I’m expecting another good performance,” Finn said, when asked by reporters what he anticipated from Wigan.

“They’ve got some key players come back into the team, and that’s added that bit of solidity to what’s already a good team of young Wigan lads.

“It’s nice to see the big clubs bringing lads in from their own town, and them playing well and doing a job in Super League, not searching overseas all the time.

“We expect them to play like they have been doing, and keep improving, and try to knock us over tomorrow.”

When the two teams faced each other at Belle Vue earlier in the season, Wakefield won 62-0.

Finn expects that Wigan coach Shaun Wane will have used that result to provide some motivation for his men for Friday’s re-match at the DW Stadium.

“I’m pretty sure it’s been said already,” Finn said.

“I think he [Wane] has already said words along those lines, that they won’t need to motivate them tomorrow.

“They’ll use that, and there’s not a right lot we can do about that.

“We just turned up that day to do our job, and we did our job and went home.

“It was unfortunate for them that they had lots of illness, which we found out about later.

“But tomorrow’s another day. They’ll be fired up because of that.”

Finn also wants Wakefield to make up for the defeat against St Helens with a good performance at Wigan.

“We’ve spoken about that this week, that we want to bounce back with a performance,” he said.

“We’re probably looking for that little bit of consistency at the moment, that we’ve not had for a month or so.

“I think that’s our big target at the moment, to get that little bit of consistency for the rest of the season.”

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