Finn: Fev to rise to challenge

Featherstone half back Liam Finn says his side will thrive on the added expectations on their shoulders in this play-off campaign.

Rovers have topped the Championship table for the past two seasons, but were denied in a dramatic Grand Final last year, losing to Halifax.

Finn said: “It’s different this year. We were a side on the up, and there was little or no weight of expectation on us. It’s much different this year, and that means more pressure. An incident, a play, an error, which would probably have passed peoples’ notice in the past suddenly takes on implications. That’s also down to the closeness of the competition as well.

“There is very little to choose between us and the Centurions and that screws down the pressure cooker even tighter. If you look at the quality of their play makers; Ridyard, Ellis, Duffy and Robbie Hunter-Paul coming off the bench, you can see what I mean about decision making. On top of that their powerful front row gives them go forward, space and time.

“That’s our challenge. But if you look at what their challenge is, you can’t help but think that we are in for an almighty game of chess with muscle is on the cards.”

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