FFR13 surprised by Gigot suspension

Marc Palanques, the president of the Federation Francaise de Rugby a 13 (FFR13), has expressed surprise at the suspension of Catalans player Tony Gigot by the French anti-doping authorities on Friday.

Gigot has been suspended after some kind of allegedly inappropriate verbal exchange with an official from the doping authorities.

“The incident allegedly occurred during a French national team training camp in Le Barcares in October 2016,” said Palanques.

“In my capacity as president of the French Rugby Federation, I have been informed of the decisions taken by the Doping Disciplinary Committee  against some players and I have taken note of them.

“I would like to remind you that the members of the disciplinary commissions of the FFR XIII are independent and can not receive instructions.

“This principle has no exception and is common to all sports federations.

“The elected representatives of the FFR XIII can therefore have no interference in these committees.

“Since they have been made public, these sanctions have provoked strong reactions.

“I understand the emotion in all of it, and I am personally amazed by the severity of the sanctions.

“However, it seems clear to me that in view of the seriousness of the sanctions, the players concerned will appeal.”

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