Fev consider kick-off experiment

Featherstone may experiment with a variety of kick-off times next season as they look to increase their fan base.

Rovers are to continue with their usual 3pm Sunday kick-off time, but are considering playing some games on a Friday or Saturday evening.

CEO Stuart Sheard said: “It’s vital that we develop our fan base. The potential is there. A lot of people are missing out for different reasons on some superb entertainment within a passionate but convivial environment. We want them to return if for whatever reason they have got out of the ‘Rovers’ habit’, or to try being part of the experience for the first time.

“It would be naïve at best and lazy at worst to think all we had to do is come up with some magic time that would prove irresistible to people. There’s a lot more to attracting people to your events than that and we are working on it. What we want to do is try this out just to see whether it suits people or not and take it from there. By far the majority of our games will kick of at three pm on Sunday as usual.”

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