Ferres says bring it on Giants fans

Brett Ferres says it won’t bother him if Huddersfield fans boo him all game in tonight’s Challenge Cup encounter.

Leeds meet the Giants in the Cup at the John Smith’s Stadium.

Ferres, who left Huddersfield for Leeds in controversial circumstances at the start of the season, was targeted by home supporters last Friday when the Rhinos were beaten by Huddersfield.

“People will boo and cheer and they can do whatever they want,” he told The Daily Star.

“It doesn’t bother me in any way, shape or form. If they want to waste their energy on me, it is up to them, they should be supporting their own team.

“It does not make a difference and doesn’t put me off my game. People have their opinion but if they want to do that next Friday they are more than welcome to do it.”

Ferres has denied claims that the entire Huddersfield team is against him.

“That is probably the disappointment that’s come out of it,” he said.

“People and the press have blown it out of proportion a bit. It was stated that the Huddersfield players do not want to play with me but I have asked all of them and I do not know where that has come from.

“It is disappointing that people are saying that. I am still good mates with a lot of them and speak to them on a regular basis.”


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