Featherstone slam Super League arrogance

The Featherstone board have slammed the “arrogance, self preservation and self interest” shown by a number of Super League clubs, over the re-structuring of the game.

A scheduled EGM to vote in the new proposals was cancelled last week, following a revolt by a majority of the top flight clubs, led by Wigan chairman Ian Lenagan.

It has left clubs and the game in general in limbo, with no moves now expected until after the World Cup, which ends on November 30.

In a letter to the RFL, Featherstone said: “The arrogance, self preservation and self interest shown by a number of Super League Clubs is staggering, this demonstrates a lack of respect to the rest of Rugby League and clearly an attempt to undermine a process which has been protracted and fair.

“There is a clear danger of disenfranchising the Championship and clearly there is a lack of real understanding of the structure of the game, the fact that we need a strong and vibrant amateur and Championship is vital to the overall success, promotion and commercial marketing. Brand Rugby League has been badly damaged by this episode.

“I am also not surprised at the timing of the leaking of the announcement by the Wigan Chairman, clearly timed to undermine the RFL at a time when we should be celebrating the upcoming World Cup.

“As a club, Featherstone Rovers fully supported the new structure and indeed our Strategic Planning has been conducted with these changes in mind, this along with the Clubs recruitment of Coaching and Playing Staff for the short to medium term have been implemented with this in mind.

“The cost to the Club is significant and need to know urgently what the next stage is, I do not think we should wait for the commencement of talks post the World Cup, the process has mentioned before been lengthy with the majority of Super League and Championship Clubs in favour. 

“I have a feeling that if it is not closed quickly the protagonists will simply delay matters further.”

A number of Championship clubs have hit out at Lenagan and the revolting clubs since the decision to postpone the EGM.

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