Featherstone slam decision to end season

Featherstone have slammed the decision to end the 2020 Championship season and say Super League clubs are making decisions based on self-interest.

The RFL announced on Monday night that the second and third tiers would not be resuming in 2020, having been suspended back in March due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Super League is set to restart on August 2, and it was confirmed that there would be no promotion or relegation to the top flight.

Featherstone say they will have lost £1.3m in revenue due to the decision, and expressed their dissatisfaction at the cost estimate relating to testing.

A statement said: “Featherstone Rovers are extremely disappointed with the decision from the RFL Board to cancel the 2020 Betfred Championship season and feel we as a sport have let down our supporters, sponsors, and partners.

“The club is far from satisfied with the reasoning behind the decision.

“Officials believe the RFL have cited a survey taken from clubs over a month ago as part of their decision. However, throughout this pandemic, the landscape has changed considerably each week and the sport has failed to adapt with it and has instead cancelled a promising season without exploring all opportunities.

“Featherstone officials believe the decision is not in the best interests of the financial security of clubs or indeed the safety of players. But instead, the lack of desire from clubs to resume the season and therefore secure their place in the Championship without a match being played.

“Another obstacle came with playing without fans in stadiums, which is why Rovers officials had proposed a start date in October, which would have given the competition the greatest opportunity of resuming with socially distanced crowds, this proposal was put forward to the RFL in May.

“The sport has now put themselves forward to test socially distanced crowds to the government. However, this opportunity has been taken away from the Championship and League One campaigns.

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“Some clubs in the Championship and League One are becoming victims of their own ambitions and it is apparent now that they are being held back, making it increasingly difficult for new investors, sponsors, partners and supporters to join ambitious clubs.

“Super League clubs are making decisions that impact the whole game and it is based on self-interest. Supporters are becoming disillusioned with the game and this latest suppression is damming on the sport at all levels.

“It is also confusing why a voluntary celebratory competition can be played, but a meaningful season that is key to so many clubs at this level cannot resume despite the latest developments on socially distanced crowd participation.

“Overall, Featherstone Rovers are exceptionally disappointed with this decision and do not understand the reasoning behind a verdict that will impact so many clubs at this level in the sport.”


  1. Featherstone have only just realised that SL clubs, with exception of Toronto, look after themselves at the expense of everyone else.
    Bit slow on the uptake I suggest.
    SL is killing the game in the Northern Hemisphere and they don’t care.

  2. Featherstone don’t deserve a place in super league ther fans are far the best behaved and they don’t have a strong enough fan base on the plus side chairman who is Featherstone through and through and the stadium is far better than some super league come back stronger next year let Leigh centurions in

  3. The utter nonsense of this is that an alternate competition seemingly can be played, which will require the same testing/social distancing and safety measures as league games, yet one that gives no quantifiable benefit to clubs or fans alike. I guess it was a shallow attempt at appeasement by the RFL 🙈

  4. Hi don’t agree Featherstone deserve a shot in sl how much debt are Wakefield in also how many fans do Huddersfield get should make a break awAy league Toronto should not be allowed back in what do they bring to the game nothing it’s a total joke are they being stripped of the super league money we all want to know rugby league you ain’t got a clue of what you are doing yet again

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