Featherstone say Challenge Cup participation “almost impossible” after RFL decision

Featherstone say participating in this year’s Challenge Cup is “almost impossible” due to concerns on player welfare and have contacted the RFL for clarity surrounding the sixth round tie.

Rovers, whose Championship season was cancelled on Monday following an RFL board meeting, are scheduled to face Super League side Wakefield in the sixth round of the Cup at the end of August.

Rovers are yet to return to training due to the season being postponed following the coronavirus pandemic.

A club statement read: “Officials at Featherstone believe the decision to terminate the season ultimately made the clubs ability to participate in the sixth round almost impossible due to concerns on player welfare and the cup being somewhat compromised.

“Wakefield Trinity have already returned to full-time training and will have played twice in the Super League before the cup tie is due to take place, and Rovers officials believe this is where the cup competition has been compromised.”

Featherstone chief executive Davide Longo said: “The RFL want a decision by tomorrow (Friday, July 24) whether the club can compete in Round Six of this year’s Coral Challenge Cup.

“It is not within our nature to forfeit any fixture, but we feel by playing in a game where we are competing on an uneven playing field would be detrimental to the club and its playing staff.

“We believe that once the RFL cancelled the Championship season they also effectively withdrew the Championship and League 1 clubs from the Challenge Cup.”

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  1. Mr Campbell is right.
    There’s no way Championship clubs can or should compete given that we now have just the SL season of sorts taking place. It would not be fair on the other leagues’ players for them to take part as their season is over and they are not in training. The Challenge Cup has been compromised. Sad but it’s a straight forward consequence.

  2. The RFL have lost the confidence of many clubs across the country and I believe it is time for a change in the governing body to one that has the whole game at heart not just the superleague. We need vision and ambition in a governing body from the grass roots up.

  3. We need a budding David Oxley to run the whole of RL. Nobody has ever come close to David, in terms of running the game equilaterally in fairness to every club. A true leader and legend.

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