Featherstone chairman concerned about future of 2020 Championship and League 1 campaigns

Featherstone chairman Mark Campbell says he is concerned about the future of the 2020 Championship and League 1 campaigns.

No professional rugby league games in the UK have been played since March 15 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And Campbell believes action must be taken soon if the Championship and League 1 seasons were to get back underway.

He said: “I’m extremely concerned about the future of the 2020 RFL Championship and League 1 campaigns. As the landscape changes constantly throughout this pandemic, we have to give ourselves the best chance possible in resuming the season.

“I have proposed what I believe to be a suitable start date, one which would give us the best possible chance of playing in front of crowds and limit the level of testing for players, staff and officials. Whilst others have explored the merits and disadvantages of playing behind closed doors.

“Unfortunately, after almost eight weeks of discussions, we still haven’t agreed on what is deemed to be a ‘meaningful season’, this is something that can only come from the RFL. I don’t understand how we haven’t agreed on this yet, we need to work together to resolve this matter.”

Campbell added: “You may also have seen the comments made by Leigh Centurions chairman Derek Beaumont on the situation regarding the working groups and I would like to express that I am fully behind Derek in his frustrations, we need the governing body to explore every positive outcome possible to help us achieve getting the season back up and running.

“It is important that the RFL and clubs work together to try and explore all potential solutions and not settle for a negative result until all avenues have been explored fully. If we have to be patient we will, but we don’t have to put the white flag up just yet.

“We will continue to work hard and explore as many avenues as possible to enable a positive outcome in these unprecedented times.

“As the government landscape changes from week to week, we will continue to look for a structure for our season that suits as many clubs as possible, as we need all the clubs to have an appetite for returning.

“If it comes down to the decision that the season cannot resume until 2021, we will accept that, but only if it comes down to medical/safety reasons. We won’t give up on this season and won’t allow Super League to determine or influence our competition and hope that the RFL will work in everyone’s best interests.”

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  1. Put the game to bed, wake up next season, totally forget about this one and carry on. Worked during major conflicts previously. Have a “fun” league if nedd be with guest players as happened then but just ignore this season as a non event. Simple.

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